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Waste plants management

During the period from march 1991 to March 1997, Ecotecnica has managed the solid waste Landfill “Fondo da Rio” – Lecce, owned by WM, with a capacity of c.m . 1.000.000.

Ecotecnica manages its own storage plant for hazardous urban waste, ans special waste, located in Lequile (LE) S.S. 101 Km 9,300 and plants for the selection and processing of recoverable wastes, in Lequile.

Plant are awarded, selected and pressed:

– recyclable waste (primary packaging);

– secondary and tertiary packaging.

In it are also delivered:

– wastes coming from separate collection in the Municipalities served by Ecotecnica and from other companies working in urban hygiene. ;

– urban wastes collected by other companies;

– exhausted lead batteries coming from a network of 1.200 producers, (vehicle electricians, mechanics, retailers…);

– special wastes coming from handicraft activities, shops, small and medium companies in Puglia;

Ecotecnica also runs its own glass re cycling plant located in Copertino, industrial area.

In this plant is gathered all the glass collected from the bins located by Ecotecnica in the streets of the Municipalities that have agreed with the company. Also other companies working in recycling bring here the glass collected.

Also companies that work glass deliver here their wastes, and glass sheets coming from scrapyards .