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Recovering and recycling secondary raw materials, Ecotecnica can contribute to the creation of a sustainable society in our territory.

Selecting paper, wood, aluminum, steel and plastic, divided according to color and polymer, give another chance of life to these materials .

The selection of paper, wood, aluminum and plastic takes place in our Collection centre in Lequile.

Thanks to a special agreements network, raw materials are sent to a “Production-chain Consortium” , which later dispatch them to the producers interested in their re-use.

The same principle applies to the Glass collection centre in Copertino. Once collected and processed Glass is sent to the Consortium. Its final destination are glassmakers.

For further information , click the “Agreements” button.

Besides differentiated waste collection, Ecotecnica provides a complete service of waste management. Ecotecnica, guarantees a cleaner environment and a better quality of life, thanks to high professionalism in the services provided:


Urban hygiene

– Waste collection;
– Separate waste collection ;
– Soil hygiene;
– Bulky waste;
– Hazardous waste.


Other services

– Hospital waste;
– Wood collection;
– Environmental consulting;
– Strand clearing;
– Environmental decontamination (asbestos sanitation, polluted areas, sanitization, disinfestations, rats and cockroach extermination, chemical and mechanical weeding, urban hygiene).