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San Donaci mette alla porta tutti i rifiuti - locandina

In the Municipality of San Donaci separate garbage collection service will change on January 22nd, 2018.

Ecotecnica manages the collection in this area.
Here you can find all the most important information about this great news!
From 10th until 20th January 2018 you can collect garbage collection kit at Ecotecnica srl Headquarters, Fieramosca Road, nr. 22, San Donaci.
Please remember you need to bring your id card, health insurance card or tax code, the last Tari invoice.
You can delegate somebody else, signing a mandate file and the copy of your Id card and other documents.



You can use our communication media to book a collection from your own home, ask information, report the presence of waste left in the corner of the streets or other conditions that damage urban decor.



WhatsApp 351 0636293

E-Mail address:

Download App

You can download this app for free. It has been built for the separate garbage collection in the Municipality of San Donaci. (Iphone and Android devices).



It is mandatory to lay garbage down outside your home the night before the day of the collection, from 8 pm to 5 am.




– Separate garbage collection is operative also in weekday festive days.

– We offer a door-to-door collection service for bulky items, durable goods, electric devices, and it is free of charge. You can access the service only by booking it, through WhatsApp number 351 0636293.
Important: Wastes must be left outside your home door.

– Grass clippings and prunings (domestic users only) can be collected when bio waste is collected, prior a booking service through WhatsApp number 351 0636293.

– Textile sanitary waste collection: Baby and adult diapers can be collected everyday (except on Sundays) but they must put in a different bag and separated from other garbage.

– In summer time, (from June 15th to August 31st) plastic waste collection will be done twice a week: on Thursdays (as usual) and on Mondays.

– For Business users (bar, restaurants, pizzeria and more) we added an extra day for organic bio waste. They can leave bio waste in front of their activities also on Sundays.


brochure conferimento rifiuti San Donaci
brochure conferimento rifiuti San Donaci

calendario rifiuti San Donaci
calendario rifiuti San Donaci

calendario rifiuti San Donaci