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Policy 231

Ecotecnica has learnt the best practice as regards sustainability and ethics, also through the Company’s code of ethics, that provides that all the company’s activities must take place in accordance with the law, with honesty, integrity, fairness and good faith, in respect of clients, workers, stakeholders, financial partners and society.

The supervisory Board Performs the functions of Guarantor of the Code of Ethics created with model 231, to which you can send emails addressed to:  ecotecnica.odv@gmail.com:

  • requests for clarifications or interpretation of the Code contents,
  • suggestions regarding the Code’s implementation,
  • reports of violations of the Code, including potential or indirect.

The “231 model”, adopted by Ecotecnica S.r.l. complies the legislative decree 8 June 2001 n. 231 that introduced the discipline of administrative responsibility of companies, which can be responsible and therefore punished for certain crimes- either committed or attempted, in the interest of the company, by the managers or employees

Company’s responsibility can be excluded if it has effectively implemented management models able to prevent those crimes.

Ecotecnica S.r.l. has adopted for a long time a transparent policy regarding the control of the legality principle by any employee, manager and third parties working for Ecotecnica S.r.l. or willing to work in the future. Download 231 request for application.