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Ecotecnica Legal, commercial and executive offices are in Lequile (Lecce), 98, Padre Diego street. Our activities take place in different operative Headquarters in every corner of our territory.

Other activities are carried out using ecological online platform, municipal collection centers and waste separation areas located in many residential areas.

Temporary storage, selection, recycling of wastes

The plant is located in Lequile, Km 9,300 of state highway s.s. 101.

The plant of selection of urban solid-waste and special waste operates in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 UNI EN ISO 14000 quality system certification, issued by CERTIQUALITY Institute.

Our plant in Lequile is also a temporary storage for special and hazardous waste, available for:

– public bodies , to store hazardous waste, electronic waste and reclamations waste;

– industries and activities which support special waste collection;

– storage – on behalf of COBAT (Italian Consortium for the collection of exhausted batteries) of hazardous waste of exhausted batteries.

Glass collection plant

Our Glass collection plant is in Copertino (Lecce), in the industrial zone, and is devoted to the processing of glass and hollow glass, coming from urban solid-waste collection and from industries, to create and sell scrap glass.

Our plant operates in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 quality certifications issued by CERTIQUALITY Institute.