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Separate garbage collection door to door “area ARO LE 3”

In the area called “Aro Le 3” separate garbage collection service will change on December 1st, 2017.
Ecotecnica manages the collection in the municipalities of Copertino, Lequile, Porto Cesareo.


“Doing the right action is the easiest thing!” No efforts needed, just only a little bit of diligence when you separate garbage!

Here you can find all the most important information about this great change!




From 6th until 30th November 2017

You can collect garbage collection kit at Ecotecnica srl Headquarters or at the Infopoint set up in your Municipality.

Please remember you need to bring yoru Identity card, health insurance card or tax code, the last Tari invoice.
If you wish, you can also delegate somebody else, signing a mandate file and the copy of your Id card and other documents.


Copertino, at Ecotecnica srl Headquarters in Angelo Costa road, industrial area;

Lequile, at the Infopoint set up in the Municipality offices in Trieste road, 2;

Porto Cesareo, at Ecocentro (main gargabe collection site) in Veglie road.

Monday through Friday (working days), from 9 am until 1 pm and from 4 pm until 8 pm.



Garbage collection schedule

Download Gargabe collection guide